Thursday, August 1, 2013


Age Of Deceit  (n.w.o.)

Bill Clinton Predicts White future
(he ignored Barbara Jordon Commission)
Ban the burka (condell)
Beat whitey night   (drinkingbob)




Growing Influence Radical Islam Sweden                     (Pat Robertson)


Islamist Dick (pat condell)
(additional video clips)
Islam and Slavery (prior to the 19th century)

Jew World Order (extended)
Johnny White Rabbit (antiracist codeword)
Jewish Feminism Destruction of family
                    (different link)
Jews promote White Genocide: classroom                     (different link)








Professor Kevin MacDonald
    on immigration and who's behind it



Six Million (controversial)

The Jewish-led Invasion   (DrDuke Chpter 26)
The Frankfurt School  (Nick Spires)
Frankfurt School   (108Morris)

--The Mantra--


A Very Important Message to White people

White Countries are for everyone
      (reupped, losing high view-count)

White Civil Rights )(TeutonicChick)
White Genocide: Fact of Fiction (John King)
(the 1st upload was initially removed for TOS violation???)
Welcome to Sweden (old download)



Zionist Story  (full documentary)
The Zionist Matrix: Full Documentary
       (re-upped again)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

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The Following accounts will provide useful information.

Alex Jones Channel Big Think Chapin's Inferno {m} CGreene34 DrinkingWithBob GirlWritesWhat {m}
HowTheWorldWorks Title #8 learnliberty LibertyPen MOXnews ♦♦ PJTV ♦♦ ReasonTV Ramzpaul
WildBillForAmerica Zionget
additional channels
AtlahWorldwide C.G.P.Grey Crash Course EuroNews EncounterBooks Laughing At Liberals MichaelSavage4Prez
MinuteEarth Minute Physics SciShow Right Sightings Stefan Molyneux SubscriptionFreeTV ThinkOutsideTheTV Truthloader

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The sites listed above have no relation to each other. This does this suggest any implied endorsements.
Each channel promotes separate goals; which often vary into completely unrelated subjects.
I do not necessarily agree with their viewpoints. The goal here is to gather all perspectives.
Admittedly, Most shift away from Left-Winged ideologies.
Either Center to Right ideas; Libertarian, Men's Activists, or Advocates.
However, responsible Leftist Channels are perfectly welcome. Few Leftists appear on this list because of ethical violations. Too often; Modern Leftist ideals are comprimised by racial bias against Europeans.

(I strongly disagree with many Right Wing, Libertarian, and Anarchist-Libertarian ideals.
And, I'm certainly no longer patriotic. But, I generally shun away from any channel which is biased against 'white people'.
And unfortunately, the modern Left is currently inseparable from this ugly practice.